I saw a fun sketch by someone else of themselves and their daughter, and they referred to them as their “quaran-team”, those family members who have been with them during the pandemic. I thought it was a fun play on words, so titled today’s post the same way. My “team” involves my husband, son, daughter, and dog. My daughter is home from college finishing up online classes, and we are all working/studying/living at home. It’s kind of a common situation, to have everyone at home. I like it. We enjoyed Thanksgiving, with Zoom and Facetime family calls. I sketched the dog and a piece of pie. I am also trying some new ways of sketchbooking— adding collage elements. Roz Stendahl, in Minnesota, inspired me with her Inktober sketchbook, see the link for her beautiful work: https://rozwoundup.com/2020/11/inktober-2020-setting-up-a-plan-and-enjoying-what-comes-of-it.html#gallery/4643d313b12ccdfb28bf8e8603039f20/192

I have fun sketching my kids, as they are usually sitting around looking at a device of some sort, and not moving. I caught this sketch of my son on the couch playing XBox a couple weeks ago, couldn’t resist it!

Finally, I was sketching things I was thankful for, which of course includes my family. My daughter doesn’t mind when I sketch her, so I captured a couple poses. She inspires me with her courage, humor, creativity, beauty, and resiliency. Unlike myself who has been able to fairly cloister away from the pandemic, she has lived in college dorms and met the demands and challenges of a Big-Ten school with COVID’s hand over everything they do. We have been lucky and stayed healthy, and for that I am truly thankful!

Now I am blessed to have everyone under one roof again, if only for a few weeks, but I will savor every moment of it! My hubby didn’t make the cut for sketches… for some reason, I always butcher his face, but he is also a very important part of our Quaran-team, and has helped keep us all sane as we navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic. I hope you all find yourselves healthy as we wind our way into the holidays!

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