Signs of Christmas

I’ve got a few sketches to share as it gets closer and closer to Christmas….

Last week I did a couple sketches, one is of an Advent candle set I got from church. I dropped one of the candles, had to repair it with glue, but it still works well! We have been lighting them each Sunday as we prepare for Christmas.

Here is a picture of my sketch as I looked at the candles….

My daughter made a gingerbread house. She bought it at Target and spent a few hours using frosting to hold it together and decorating it with candy. My son also tried his hand at building a house, but it kept collapsing!

Here’s the finished sketch… It was fun to draw all the candy and frosting, I even enjoyed sketching the sugar by putting white dots of Gelly pen on the gumdrops!

Finally, I did a sketch today for Urban Sketchers Chicago virtual meet. We were tasked with sketching food, so I decide to bake some Christmas cookies. A family favorite is Peanut Blossoms, so I sketched the dough balls, peanut butter, and of course, the Hershey Kisses!

It’s fun to sketch signs of Christmas! It’s brought joy to me during this time. What signs of Christmas do you see in your lives?

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