Last Sketches of 2020

2020 is closing now, and I want to share a few sketches I did this week. Today I sketched a bottle of Brut, which we will enjoy tonight as we say “Good-bye” to 2020. Many, including me, are ready to leave this year behind. 2021 will bring new challenges and blessings, and we wonder what it will be like…

A few days ago, my daughter and I went to Stillwater, a river town. She wanted to snap photos, I did a couple sketches. I drove down a street behind the main street, looking at the backs of some buildings. I happened to notice a food truck for Leo’s, which is a malt and burger shop. I stopped and studied the scene in my car– the food truck was surrounded by other things, like a brown Dumpster, wire fence, lamps, cones, Stop sign, and a flag was blowing in the wind. I liked the layers of interest, so sat in my car and sketched.

I added color, but not every detail. Here is the finished sketch of the food truck. I kept colors simple…

I drove further, and noticed a unique scene— a large orange Dumpster was near an apartment and a huge segmented tube from a top apartment hung down above the Dumpster. It was apparent that people were getting rid of stuff from the top apartment, and dumping it down the tube.

The orange color caught my eye, as well as the brick, stone, and the tube itself. I parked in a parking lot to complete the sketch, but only did a portion of it.

I thought it was an odd scene! But interesting to sketch… You never know what grabs your attention. And for me, it was food trucks and Dumpsters…

Here’s to a Happy New Year! May 2021 be a great year of art and sketching for everyone!

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