Fun Foods

Sometimes I’m inspired to sketch fun foods. My inspiration started a couple weeks ago with sketching for a prompt. I sketched Superbowl food that I made— wings, a sub sandwich, and a cookie pizza. It was fun, since I’m not always glued to the game!

Yesterday for some reason, I was thinking about cheese. I know, that’s weird, but I was. I thought about all the types of cheese I have in my fridge, and in the evening, I decided to get them out and sketch them. I think I got them all except for some shredded cheese and Romano cheese in a plastic container! I even discovered some green mold lurking in the Feta!

Finally, on Valentines day, I decide to break out my mussels recipe. I make this dish a few times a year, since the kids won’t eat mussels. My son had his own plans, so I made them for my hubby and I. You cut up all these things to make an herb vinaigrette, cook the mussels, and dump the vinaigrette on top. My sketch describes the ingredients and the dish is tasty! I have had mussels in a couple restaurants and they aren’t as good as what I can make. For some reason, restaurants dump marinara sauce on them. But mine are steamed in wine and garlic and are fabulous! Buy some crusty French bread to sop up the sauce!

Steamed mussels with a Champagne Herb Vinaigrette
I used this photo as a reference for my sketch….

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