Inktober Selections…

Inktober is coming to a close tomorrow. This daily sketch routine I have tried to follow is ending, but I’ve sure had fun, and hope to keep the habit going into the next month! There has been a day here or there where I didn’t sketch, but it was mostly due to lack of motivation. Because once you start sketching, you realize there is always something to sketch. Here are a few selections from the last couple of weeks….

My house got a new roof a couple weeks ago, so I used it as an opportunity to sketch out the window.

The roofing company dropped off the shingles and supplies a couple days before the big day.
Here is the supply trailer with ropes, harnesses, and other equipment.
Sketched a guy or two out my second-floor window

I’ve also had fun sketching some random things, like a utility guy who needed a belt!

I also enjoyed sketching some things around my house, including a watering can, my dog’s “comfort toy”, and some wacky pencils I sent my daughter for Halloween.

Finally, last weekend, my hubby and I went for a drive to southern Minnesota. We followed the Mississippi River and saw beautiful fall colors. We stopped in Winona for lunch and I sketched a building with a vibrant yellow tree while he looked around at the Levee Park.

Two days left of Inktober…. wonder what I’ll sketch next? All I know is that it has been good to focus on my art, try some new things, and re-visit some old styles. Learn more in my next post!

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