Surviving Winter With Sketching

Minnesota winters can be a challenge, especially when the temps dip to minus digits. I find that sketching brings new subjects, a slight sense of humor, and ways to cope with the snow and cold. Here are several sketches I have done these past weeks, and a few tips for non-snowbird dwellers who sit through the gales of winter. I hope you enjoy them!

Dress For The Weather– A good pair of heavy boots is necessary in the winter, especially when I walk my dog on the the trails near our house. My outfit typically includes leggings, 2 pairs of socks, snow pants, two fleece shirts, a coat, hat, and gloves (or two pairs). I feel ridiculous in this get-up, but it keeps me warm!

Look Beyond Your Window– How the birds and animals can survive -11 degrees F and -22 degrees windchill is beyond me, but I’ve been putting out bird seed and enjoy watching the creatures from my kitchen window. I tried a The Grey Book (Hahnamuhle) and some colored pencils to capture these brave souls a few days ago.

Anything Inside Is Fair Game- When stuck inside when temps dip, I find things around the house to sketch. My dog and husband are fair game, and as I have a habit of butchering my husband’s face when I sketch it, I sketched him while replacing a kitchen faucet. My reasoning is that I can’t see his face, so I can’t ruin it!

Get Out Of The House- Yesterday I got out to a Caribou coffee shop to chat with a friend. After we finished, I sketched in the coffee shop. There was a worker sitting in a nearby booth, so I decided to do a quick sketch of him. I worked quickly, and he was so engrossed in his phone, that I was able to capture the table and booth too. I cut the logo from a cardboard coffee holder, so attached that as well to the paper.

I enjoy sketching the world around me and find it helps me get through the days. What fun subjects do you find to sketch where you live?

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