Spring Sketches

I had the wonderful opportunity in March to go to Key Largo and the Florida Keys with my family. I decided to take a 5.5×5.5″ Hahnemuhle Zig Zag sketch book to record my trip.

Here is a short video clip of the first half of the sketchbook. I sketched with a Sailor Fude fountain pen during the day on location and added watercolors, text, and white accents (Posca white marker) when I was as the condo. With family, it’s challenging to sit for too long on location, so this worked well.

This was a challenging sketch opportunity, but I loved it! And I love looking back at it when I am home. I sketched people, food, boats, buildings, beach scenes, wildlife, and more! There was just so much to see and experience.

A Zig Zag (or concertina or accordian) sketchbook is a great way to share travel stories, as the pages just flow into one another. I’d encourage you to try one of your own on your next get-away!

I have also had fun sketching places closer to home.

A cold day found me at a warm Punch Pizza restaurant with a sketcher friend. We enjoyed the yummy food and sketching the cooks making pizza!

I went to the Galleria in Edina, MN, for The World of Wonder exhibit done by Bachman’s. Everywhere there were larger-than-life whimsical garden plants and creatures and children were given magnifying glasses to look for fairy houses in the dense flower displays. I also sketched some of the decorations in the store windows.

I enjoyed sketching at a music and meditation event. I sat and listened to the music and singing while sketching the people in the yoga group as they led the meditations. I have never sketched at an event like that before, so it was very rewarding! I did the sketches on location and added watercolor at home.

Despite a cold spring, I’ve been sketching quite a bit. It is relaxing, fun, and a great way to get out of your house and see new things. Watch for more spring sketch posts in coming weeks!


  1. Thank you for sharing! You are so creative. Looking forward to making it to one of the sketching events this year.

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