Sketching at Target

I had the opportunity last week to sketch at two different Starbucks, one in a regular Target, and one in a Super-Target. See my sketches above. I captured a man who was in the coffee area eating a Lunchable, I think he worked with the barista from the conversation I heard. The second picture was of an elderly woman, and her fuzzy white hat and bright red coat caught my eye. I got a quick glimpse of her slowly pushing her cart, then she disappeared around some merchandise. I tried to sketch the carts in the cart corral and was doing OK until someone came and wheeled a cart away and there went my subject! I settled on some Target baskets in a stack, thinking those wouldn’t move too much and the lady with the red coat came and sat down nearby, obviously waiting for someone. I sketched her body and head as fast as I could! Soon, someone came for her and she left. It’s fun to sketch people in the coffee shop, you never know what or who you will see!

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