Trip to Washington- Part 2

I included a few other sketches today. While seeing sights at Olympic National Park, we explored Hurricane Ridge (a vast overlook of meadows and the mountain range) and Hoh Rainforest. This strange temperate rainforest gets a ton of rain and moss grows off the trees like in the jungle. It was misty and damp. We also drove out to the coast to see the rock formations sticking up from the sea, which I sketched below. La Push is a town that has an Indian reservation and the beaches were full of people enjoying the day, although it was cloudy, windy, and chilly. But the scenery was magnificent!

La Push

Another sketch done in our motel room, this time I was overlooking a pop machine and several men sitting around a card table chewing the fat.


Our travels took us finally into the incredible city of Seattle. I was able to do a quick sketch of a flower and garden shop (Ravenna Gardens) in the University Village.


A famous landmark is Pike’s Place Market, a public farmer’s market which also houses art booths, restaurants, and other vendors. We wove our way between crowds to take it all in. The fish market was my favorite and drew a crowd. Giant salmon and crabs oozed out the crushed ice stand and orange-overalled fishmongers worked up the crowd. I found a post to lean against and worked furiously to sketch the mayhem. A customer would choose a fish and the guys crowdside would yell and hold it over their heads, grab it and toss it (a huge whole fish) over the heads of the crowd to the waiting hands behind the counter, where they would weigh and pack the fish in TSA-approved boxes. It was as much entertaining as anything else. I was not able to capture the fish flying through the air. But, it was still fun to sketch!


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