Graphic Humor

I have learned a bit about graphic humor in my class. Finding humor can be challenging, but always makes more interesting sketches. As I didn’t have time to find something on location, I headed to to find a free photo. The one I found was of two boys, the older doing laundry, the younger one eating.

laundry photo

I decided to have some fun with this. I loved the little boy’s hair, and the baskets of laundry. He was so wrapped up in his food that I imagined his older brother was irritated that he didn’t help him and I played up that angle. The finished sketch looked like this:


Another thing I learned in my class is to find elements in a scene that look similar and exaggerate them. I chose a photo from my Fort Myers vacation, as I liked the man in the blue shirt, and thought I could exaggerate his figure and that of the blue clock in the background.

blue clock photo

The sketch looks like this:

blue clock

I attempted another sketch that I wanted be even more obvious. I chose a photo from Florida that had my mom walking up sand and her bucket hat reminded me of an umbrella, so I decided to make those two elements look similar. I colored the umbrella and her hat blue, and I think the sketch reads very well!

umbrellas and hat

blue umbrella

It was a lot of fun to experiment with humor in my sketches, and I hope to do more of it soon!

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