Mulberry Street

Last Sunday, I participated in Urban Sketcher’s Chicago virtual sketch-out. We were tasked with sketching and showing our process and materials. I went to Stillwater MN, and found a beautiful old home to sketch.

mulberry photo

I set myself up on my stool across the street in the library parking lot and went to work. I began with holding my pen loosely and doing expressive line work with a Faber-Castill Pitt pen.


Next, I went back and accentuated lines with heavier line weights where I wanted emphasis.


After getting the lines how I wanted them, I put down the first layer of watercolor washes.


I knew areas needed deeper values, so I went back in a second time with watercolor layers.


After this point, I needed the paint to dry, so went home and used white pen and a couple colored pencils to add accent areas.

mulberry pens

Voila! Here is the final completed sketch:

mulberry final


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