A Thing for Umbrellas

I have a thing for umbrellas. I’m not sure if it’s their shapes, their bright colors, or the way they flap in the wind, but I like sketching them! The last couple weeks, I have driven around my town and found various restaurants with umbrellas. Whether diners are under them, or they sit vacant, I used pen and watercolor to capture a few. I sketched these a few days ago, but just yesterday I sat under these orange umbrellas at a local Starbucks. They protected me from the hot glaring sun.


I sketched these at other local restaurants the past few days…



Finally, I sketched these green umbrellas at an Irish pub, O’Malleys. They had a canopy set up for outside diners, and it was late morning when an employee came out, opened the umbrellas, turned up pop music for the potential lunch crowd, and my sketch was over!



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