July Sketches

I did a few sketches these past weeks, as I am finding my new style. There was a lawn service guy cutting my neighbor’s tree, so I sat on my front porch and sketched his truck. I later decided to add just a couple colors, which makes it a bit different, but I like it:

tree trimmer

My daughter and I went kayaking on Como Lake in St. Paul. I have sketched the large pavilion in the past, which also houses restrooms, large space for groups, and a restaurant. We sat under a tree and had a picnic and I sketched while looking across the parking lot. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect!

como park pavillion

Finally, a sketch from a few weeks ago. I applied several concepts from my Bending Reality class to do a sketch of a hot dog stand photo from our instructor, and I combined it with the little boy photo from one of my previous sketches (see July 19 post- Graphic Humor). I made him eating hot dogs, while being larger than life. I kept the colors limited, and I like the result a lot. I plan to continue to explore my new skills as I get out and about.

hotdog and boy

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